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We did it! It's done! 

Find links to videos below!

WELCOME: Jason Berlin: Founder, Field Team 6    PODCAST      VIDEO 

KEYNOTE 1: Brita Filter: Co-Founder, Drag Out the Vote    PODCAST      VIDEO 

KEYNOTE 2: Katie Porter: US Representative   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Panel 1: Must-Win Races in 2023   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 2: Cutting Edge of Voter Reg: Election-Winning Future Tech   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 3: Messaging: What We Say & How We Say It   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 4: The Numbers Game – How to Use Data to Find Our People   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: Blue Voter Guide • Mobilize • Grassroots Analytics • SpeechifAi    VIDEO 


Panel 5: Meet the Defenders of Democracy, with Brian Tyler Cohen   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Workshop 1: How to Partner with Field Team 6    PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: Unified • Warchest • Deck • TargetSmart   PODCAST      VIDEO 


KEYNOTE 3: Robert Hubbell: Today’s Edition Newsletter   PODCAST      VIDEO 


KEYNOTE 4: Whitney Tilson: Value Investor, Philanthropist   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Main Stage Lunch & Screening: America Needs A Queen   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 6: Our Digital Megaphone: Using Social Media for Good   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Panel 7: How Gen-Z is Saving the World   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: ActBlue • NGPVAN • BallotReady    PODCAST      VIDEO 

Panel 8: Surprise Swing States   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: CiviTech • Catalist • Impactive   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Presentation: Partner Shout-Out    PODCAST      VIDEO 

Runway to 2024 + Happy Hour Kickoff   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Workshop 2: Secrets of Successful Organizing   PODCAST       VIDEO 


Workshop 3: Fundraising w Grassroots Analytics, ActBlue, and OTP   PODCAST       VIDEO 


If you're interested in partnering with FT6, please reach out to

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