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Click HERE to volunteer to help with any of the positions listed below.

Love Talking on the Phone to Your Friends? Make More!

We’ve launched a new team—AT&T (Activist Telecomm Team)—to reach out to surgically targeted friends of Field Team 6 for mission critical projects! Super easy calls—no one ever hangs up on a friend! Use your words? Be a part of this crackerjack new force for democracy!

Spanish Language Phone Bankers Needed!

Want to help phone bank en Español? Even better – want to LEAD a bilingual phone bank? We need your help! Únete a nosotros! 

Outreach Coordinator Needed

Ahoy! Mission critical SuperVolunteer wanted to research and connect with potential Field Team 6 allies.

Spanish Translators Please!

Do you have a working knowledge of Spanish? Basta! We’re in constant need of folk to translate our phone and text scripts into Spanish, and help maintain the Spanish version of Voterizer.

Voterizer Promoterizer!

Field Team 6 is looking for a super volunteer to join the team pitching our customizable voter registration portal – – to partner organizations. We've built a great platform that makes voter registration a snap. Plus it captures shareable data of every voter registered! Perfect for phone banks, text banks, social media, and targeted ads... Let's get all members of the Resistance to use this simple, powerful and flexible tool. CLICK HERE to fill out our Field Team 6 Volunteer Questionnaire, and please mention that you're interested in becoming a VoteriCzar.

Lead the Charge from your Comfy Couch

We're looking for people with a little time and almost any skill to share. Heck, it might be something we don't even know we need! Tell us about your chops and interests.

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