Want to know how an all in-person voter registration organization becomes all-virtual when a global pandemic comes knocking? Easy – by not quitting for one minute. Sign up below for the most high-impact phone and text banking opportunities in the states where they matter most!


Field Team 6 Covid-19 Policy

We will resume doing in-person voter drives only when it is completely safe and healthy for our volunteers and the public. Now is not that moment. We will determine when this moment is here based on reliable scientific authorities. Thank you, our volunteer heroes, for continuing to save the world with your virtual activism. Because we’re not about to let a little global pandemic stop us!

Calendar of Events

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Phone & Text Banks

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Video Training Library

Pre-recorded video trainings on how to register Democrats in person in each of our 12 battleground states. MUST-SEE TV! (Recordings may go long for Q&A, but the first 60-70 minutes cover what you need).

Important Links

The Important Links Directory is where you’ll find links to everything you need at a glance, from:

  • A guide to Spanish for Voter Registration

  • Print-out Field Team 6 poster for the back of your clipboard

  • A site that sells “I Registered to Vote Today” stickers.


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