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Register Democrats.
Save the World.



The Plan


Against all odds, we won the White House, House, and Senate – saved America’s life – and bought ourselves two years of oxygen. Yet our democracy hangs by a thread. History says we will lose control of Congress in the midterms. So there’s only one thing to do... Defy history.


To do that, we need to save the Senate – save the House – and win down-ballot along the way.



The solution is as simple as it is powerful: talking to strangers. It’s the proven #1 way to win elections. Did you know that 60% of unregistered voters have never been asked to register?


To win in 2022, we register Democrats where they’ll make the most impact – in the most flippable states and districts, where small numbers of Democrats can swing elections up and down the ballot.


We meet people where they are – via phone, text, postcard, social media, and soon at in-person, Covid-safe voter drives! 


Armed with, the only custom-built app just for registering Democrats, we track down every good-hearted eligible voter we can, and get them on the voter rolls where they belong. And sign them up to vote from home! 


JOIN! We’ve helped register almost 1.7 million Democratic voters, the vast majority in swing states... and now we need to do it again. Sign up for an event today, and help save the world!

GIVE! Field Team 6 is a machine that turns dollars into Democrats. Help us win elections by donating here! Want to host a virtual fundraising party, concert, or...? Contact us!


SHARE! Are you an editor, a lawyer, a coder? Have another talent? We’d love your help. Click here!

To all our Resistance friends, old and new... 

Field Team 6 needs YOU!


Our Partners


Blue Future

Civic Sundays

Call to Activism

Crooked Media

Demcast USA

Democratic Volunteer Center

Fearless Action

Force Multiplier

Grandparents For Democracy

Great Plains Action Society

Hang Out Do Good

Higher Heights for America

Meidas Touch

¡Puro Political Pari!

Reclaim Our Vote

Vote Save America

Seniors Taking Action

Stand Up 4 America

South Asians for America

They See Blue

The Union

Women for Biden

Women’s March Action

Women of Color for

    Biden/Harris Coalition-WFB


Arizona Wins

AZ Blue 2020

LD-10 Political Action Group

LD-11 Political Action Group

LD-9 Political Action Group

Stand Indivisible AZ

Indivisible Tucson Action Alliance


Activate 22

CA-25 Action Council

CA-39 Action Council

California Democratic Party

Central Valley Indivisible (CA-22)

Commit to Flip Blue

DCCC in CA-10

DCCC in CA-21

DCCC in CA-39

DCCC in CA-45

DCCC in CA-48

DCCC in CA-49

Democratic Club of the High Desert

Democratic Party of Orange County

Democratic Volunteer Center

Democratic Women of Kern

Democrats of Greater Irvine (DGI)

East Valley Indivisibles

Fearless Action

Grassroots Democrats HQ

Indivisible Beach Cities

Indivisible CA-33

Indivisible CA-39

Indivisible Eagle Rock

Indivisible Highland Park

Indivisible Marin

Indivisible Napa (CA)

Indivisible OC 45

Indivisible Sacramento (CA)

Indivisible Sonoma County

Marisa Wood Campaign

Miracle Mile Democratic Club

Northridge Indivisible

N.O.W. - California

Onward Toward Progress

Petaluma Action Connect Team

Resistance Boot Camp

Sea Change

SFV Indivisible

SoCal Blue


Swing Left West Valley

The Gil Cisneros campaign (CA-39)

The Harley Rouda campaign (CA-48)

The Katie Porter campaign (CA-45)

The Mike Levin campaign (CA-49)

United Democratic Headquarters (UDH) 

Victory Starts Today!

Vote Morongo Basin (CA-08)

Westside Democratic HQ

Will Rollins' Campaign


The Jason Crow campaign



Georgia N.O.W.


Bring It Home Florida

Florida Organizing Together 2020

Forward Florida

Next Steps Florida

Our Florida 2020


Illinois Women for Biden



Greater Andover Indivisible

Together for 2020



Monroe County Democratic Party

The Haley Stevens campaign

WAVE Michigan



Mississippi Democratic Party



Blue CD2


Women of Color Coalition 



Downtown East for Progress

Markers For Democracy

Putnam Progressives



America Votes PA

Bedford Democratic Committee

Blue Revolution

Indivisible Philadelphia

Malcolm Kenyatta's Campaign

PA Democratic Party

Turn PA Blue



MAGA (Mothers Against Greg Abbott)

Texas Ground Game


Lean Left

Left  Field



Code Blue Washington



Indivisible Madison

Progress North

Press & Recogntion

Press & Recognition

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