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The Plan


Against all odds, we won the White House, House, and Senate – saved America’s life – and bought ourselves two years of oxygen. Yet our democracy hangs by a thread. History says we will lose control of Congress in the midterms. So there’s only one thing to do... Defy history.


To do that, we need to save the Senate – save the House – and win down-ballot along the way.



The solution is as simple as it is powerful: talking to strangers. It’s the proven #1 way to win elections. Did you know that 60% of unregistered voters have never been asked to register?


To win in 2021-22, we register Democrats where they’ll make the most impact – in the most flippable states and districts, where small numbers of Democrats can swing elections up and down the ballot.


We meet people where they are – via phone, text, postcard, social media, and soon at in-person, Covid-safe voter drives! 


Armed with Voterizer.org, the only custom-built app just for registering Democrats, we track down every good-hearted eligible voter we can, and get them on the voter rolls where they belong. And sign them up to vote from home! 


JOIN! We’ve helped register almost 3 million swing state Democrats... and now we need to do it again. Sign up for an event today, and help save the world!

GIVE! Field Team 6 is a machine that turns dollars into Democrats. Help us win elections by donating here! Want to host a virtual fundraising party, concert, or...? Contact us!


SHARE! Are you an editor, a lawyer, a coder? Have another talent? We’d love your help. Click here!

To all our Resistance friends, old and new... 

Field Team 6 needs YOU!

Our Story

Every superhero has an origin story.

Every superhero team has one, too.

Read all about how Field Team 6 came to be, and the wild success we’ve had so far! 

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Press & Recognition

KPFK/Rising Up interview with Jason Berlin

jason interview.png

Our hero Adam Schiff shouts out FT6 (and our partner Civic Sundays)!

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.20.42 AM.pn


FT6 scores a mention in the trades!

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Congressman Adam Schiff urges people to volunteer with Field Team 6 in Arizona, Maine, Pennsylvania and California


FT6 scores a mention in the trades!


Congressman Harley Rouda

shouts out Field Team 6 on Twitter


EdgeMedia sings our praises.

EDGE Los Angeles, CA __ 'Voices for Vote


Meet Jason Berlin of Field Team 6 in Mt. Washington - VoyageLA, 7/23/2019

Talking to Strangers Changes the World - Eve Hill, Medium, 5/31/2019

New Faces: Jason Berlin & Field Team 6 - NewFacesofDemocracy.org - 3/26/2020

Make Note: Hollywood's Political Calendar - The Hollywood Reporter - 8/20/2020


KPFK’s Lila Garrett Interviews Field Team 6’s Outreach Director Sarah Jakle - (starting at 16:00), Connect the Dots, 7/22/2019

Registering Democrats to Vote with Jason Berlin of Field Team 6 - The Great Battlefield Podcast, 6/28/2019


Our Best Day So Far, Registering Democrats at Pride in Portland, Maine - 6/15/2019

Other Recognition:

  • 2019 Organization of the Year Award from the Miracle Mile Democratic Club 

  • Official 2019 Voter Registration Team for Netroots Nation, largest grassroots conference in the country

  • Invited to be Keynote Workshop Leader for Voter Registration at the 2019 National Network Assembly, one of the largest organizing conferences in the country

  • Asked by all 5 swing district campaigns of Southern California to train their volunteers in voter registration. (CA25-Hill, CA39-Cisneros, CA45-Porter, CA48-Rouda, CA49-Levin)

  • Official Voter Registration Team for the Democratic Party of Orange County

  • Official Voter Registration Team for the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club

  • Twice-elected Delegate to the California Democratic Party

  • Former Regional Organizers for Los Angeles County, largest county in the country