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The Plan


America is under attack by its own president, who proudly sides with the three forces that sought to end us: the Confederacy, the Nazis, and Russia. And the Republican Party has become Trump’s political hitman. We must stop them.

To do that, we need to take back the White House, flip the Senate, grow our House majority, and win the state legislatures who can roll back gerrymandering. 



The solution is as simple as it is powerful: talking to strangers. It’s the proven #1 way to win elections. Did you know that 60% of unregistered voters have never been asked to register?


To win in November, we register Democrats where they’ll make the most impact – in our Battleground States. These are the purple states where new Democrats will help us swing elections up and down the ballot.


Now that we’re all avoiding crowds, our conversations happen over the phone, via text, or on social media. Pants are now optional.


We’re using data analytics, targeting software and our very own nerd brains to hunt down unregistered progressives and get them on the voter rolls where they belong. And to sign up every registered Democrat to vote from home! 


JOIN! We’ve registered over 20k progressives, and our goal is 100k by November. Help phone and text bank into swing states!

GIVE! Field Team 6 is a machine that turns dollars into Democrats. Help us win elections by donating here! Want to host a virtual fundraising party, concert, or...? Contact us!

SHARE! Are you an editor, a lawyer, a coder? Have another talent? We’d love your help. Click here!

To all our Resistance friends, old and new... 

Field Team 6 needs YOU!

Our Story

Every superhero has an origin story.

Every superhero team has one, too.

Read all about how Field Team 6 came to be, and the wild success we’ve had so far! 

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Press & Recognition

KPFK/Rising Up interview with Jason Berlin

jason interview.png

Our hero Adam Schiff shouts out FT6 (and our partner Civic Sundays)!

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.20.42 AM.pn


FT6 scores a mention in the trades!

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Congressman Adam Schiff urges people to volunteer with Field Team 6 in Arizona, Maine, Pennsylvania and California


FT6 scores a mention in the trades!


Congressman Harley Rouda

shouts out Field Team 6 on Twitter


EdgeMedia sings our praises.

EDGE Los Angeles, CA __ 'Voices for Vote


Meet Jason Berlin of Field Team 6 in Mt. Washington - VoyageLA, 7/23/2019

Talking to Strangers Changes the World - Eve Hill, Medium, 5/31/2019

New Faces: Jason Berlin & Field Team 6 - NewFacesofDemocracy.org - 3/26/2020

Make Note: Hollywood's Political Calendar - The Hollywood Reporter - 8/20/2020


KPFK’s Lila Garrett Interviews Field Team 6’s Outreach Director Sarah Jakle - (starting at 16:00), Connect the Dots, 7/22/2019

Registering Democrats to Vote with Jason Berlin of Field Team 6 - The Great Battlefield Podcast, 6/28/2019


Our Best Day So Far, Registering Democrats at Pride in Portland, Maine - 6/15/2019

Other Recognition:

  • 2019 Organization of the Year Award from the Miracle Mile Democratic Club 

  • Official 2019 Voter Registration Team for Netroots Nation, largest grassroots conference in the country

  • Invited to be Keynote Workshop Leader for Voter Registration at the 2019 National Network Assembly, one of the largest organizing conferences in the country

  • Asked by all 5 swing district campaigns of Southern California to train their volunteers in voter registration. (CA25-Hill, CA39-Cisneros, CA45-Porter, CA48-Rouda, CA49-Levin)

  • Official Voter Registration Team for the Democratic Party of Orange County

  • Official Voter Registration Team for the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club

  • Twice-elected Delegate to the California Democratic Party

  • Former Regional Organizers for Los Angeles County, largest county in the country

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