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Register Democrats.

Save the World.

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We did it! It's done!

Find links to videos here!

WELCOME: Jason Berlin: Founder, Field Team 6    PODCAST      VIDEO 

KEYNOTE 1: Brita Filter: Co-Founder, Drag Out the Vote    PODCAST      VIDEO 

KEYNOTE 2: Katie Porter: US Representative   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Panel 1: Must-Win Races in 2023   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 2: Cutting Edge of Voter Reg: Election-Winning Future Tech   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 3: Messaging: What We Say & How We Say It   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 4: The Numbers Game – How to Use Data to Find Our People   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: Blue Voter Guide • Mobilize • Grassroots Analytics • SpeechifAi    PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 5: Meet the Defenders of Democracy, with Brian Tyler Cohen   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Workshop 1: How to Partner with Field Team 6    PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: Unified • Warchest • Deck • TargetSmart   PODCAST      VIDEO 


KEYNOTE 3: Robert Hubbell: Today’s Edition Newsletter   PODCAST      VIDEO 


KEYNOTE 4: Whitney Tilson: Value Investor, Philanthropist   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Main Stage Lunch & Screening: America Needs A Queen   PODCAST      VIDEO 


Panel 6: Our Digital Megaphone: Using Social Media for Good   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Panel 7: How Gen-Z is Saving the World   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: ActBlue • NGPVAN • BallotReady    PODCAST      VIDEO 

Panel 8: Surprise Swing States   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Vendorville: CiviTech • Catalist • Impactive   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Presentation: Partner Shout-Out    PODCAST      VIDEO 

Runway to 2024 + Happy Hour Kickoff   PODCAST      VIDEO 

Workshop 2: Secrets of Successful Organizing   PODCAST       VIDEO 


Workshop 3: Fundraising w Grassroots Analytics, ActBlue, and OTP   PODCAST       VIDEO 


Want to lead a voter drive the Field Team 6 Way?

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Just click the       on any

of our target states below.

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Voter Drive in a Box now available.

Click pin for each state.

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What Drives Field Team 

Click here to learn more.

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Field Team 6 always needs help behind the scenes. Have time and skills to share? We'd love to know, so click below!

Want to get involved in our efforts to Register Democrats and Save the World? Click the button to search opportunities.

Have feedback or questions about the work we do? We'd be happy to help. Click to email us for more information.

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