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8:00am-8:15am PT

WELCOME: Jason Berlin: Founder, Field Team 6

8:15am-8:30am PT

KEYNOTE 1: Katie Porter: US Representative

8:30am-8:40am PT

KEYNOTE 2: Brita Filter: Co-Founder, Drag Out the Vote



8:45am-9:40am PT     

Panel 1: Must-Win Races in 2023  VIDEO 

There are major races coming up in 2023. Control of 4 state legislatures and three governorships are up for election, and control of a state Supreme Court. We can help Democrats win in 2023 and build momentum for 2024.

Tonya James: VA Democratic Party/Moderator

Abigail Spanberger: US Representative

Ben Wikler: Chair/WI Democratic Party

Lavanna Martinez: Independent Consultant

Allison Wiseman: Kentucky Young Democrats

RJ Johnson: LA Democratic Party

Shuwaski Young: Running for MS Secretary of State 


Panel 2: Cutting Edge of Voter Reg: Election-Winning Future Tech

In addition to traditional voter registration, organizers have access to a new generation of technology to reach unregistered likely Democrats. Hear from key technology leaders about what’s available and what’s coming up next.

Hillary Lehr: Partner, Higher Ground Labs/Moderator

Cory Alpert: Field Team 6, Chief Strategist

Jeremy Smith: CEO/CiviTech

Shion Deysarkar: CEO/Unified

Naseem Makiya: Impactive

9:45am-10:45am PT    

Panel 3: Messaging: What We Say & How We Say It  VIDEO 

Words have power, and messaging is key to registering new Democratic voters and winning elections. 


Jennifer Fernandez Ancona: Co-Founder & Vice President, Way to Win/Moderator

Simon Rosenberg: Editor of Hopium Chronicles, Future Majority 

Tom Bonier: CEO/TargetSmart

Terrance Woodbury: CEO/HIT Strategies


Panel 4: The Numbers Game – How to Use Data to Find Our People

There are tens of millions of unregistered likely Democrats across the country. We have two main challenges: understanding what makes someone a likely Democrat, and finding accurate contact information for those people. 

Cory Alpert: Field Team 6, Chief Strategist/Moderator

Michael Frias: CEO/Catalist

Max Wood: CEO/Deck
Joe Garland: Director of Analytics/TargetSmart

Vendorville: Blue Voter Guide • Mobilize • Grassroots Analytics • SpeechifAi

Deb Verla: Social Media Team Lead,Field Team 6/Moderator

Wayne Liebman: BlueVoterGuide

Jessie Koch: Fundraising Strategist, Grassroots Analytics
Trisa Chakraborty: Fundraising Strategist, Grassroots Analytics
Katiana Person: Account Manager, Grassroots Analytics

Tudor Mihailescu: CEO/Speechif.AI

Jocelyn Strauss Ritcheson: Mobilize

11:00am-11:55am PT    

Panel 5: Meet the Defenders of Democracy, with Brian Tyler Cohen  VIDEO 

Hear from candidates and elected officials on the front line of protecting our democracy


Brian Tyler Cohen: Podcaster, Influencer, Activist/Moderator

Adam Schiff: Congressman/California

Adrian Fontes: AZ Secretary of State

Aaron Ford: AG Nevada

Jocelyn Benson: MI Secretary of State

Doug La Follette: Secretary of State, Wisconsin

Marc Elias: Attorney/Democracy Docket

Workshop 1: How to Partner with Field Team 6

Grassroots organizations, state parties, and every part of the progressive movement needs to work together to help register a new Democratic majority. Come help us build a coalition!

Jason Berlin: Founder, Field Team 6/Moderator

Kala Maxym: Partnerships Lead, Field Team 6/Moderator

Jacqueline Westman: Organizing Lead/The Union

Jade Livingston: Digital Organizer, Progress North

Triana' Arnold-James: CEO, Georgia N.O.W.

Dr. Aimy Steele: CEO, New North Carolina Project

Vendorville: Unified • Warchest • Deck • TargetSmart

Shion Detsarkar: Unified

Justin Singleton: Warchest

Elizabeth De Leon: Warchest

Aaron Bly: Deck

Mary-Caitlin Milliff: TargetSmart



11:55am-12:00pm PT     


12:00pm-12:15pm PT     

KEYNOTE 3: Robert Hubbell: Today’s Edition Newsletter

12:15pm-12:30pm PT     

KEYNOTE 4: Whitney Tilson: Value Investor, Philanthropist

12:30pm-1:10pm PT      

Main Stage Lunch & Screening: America Needs A Queen



1:15pm-2:00pm PT

Panel 6: Our Digital Megaphone: Using Social Media for Good  VIDEO 

Paula Poundstone: Podcaster, Comedian, Activist/Moderator

Andy Kim: Congressman/New Jersey

Brian Tyler Cohen: Podcaster, Influencer, Activist

Victor Shi: Strategy/Voters of Tomorrow

Ben Meiselas: Meidas Touch

Tudor Mihailescu: CEO/Speechif.AI

Kiley Staufenbeil: National Organizing Senior Manager, Into-Action Lab

Deb Verla: Social Media Team Lead/Field Team 6

Panel 7: How Gen-Z is Saving the World

Mischa Smith: Former State Rep Candidate, Colorado/Moderator

Cameron Forgey: Fearless Action

Joe Vogel: State Rep Maryland

Santiago Mayer: Executive Director/Voters of Tomorrow

Lorenzo De Felitta: Co-Founder/Youth Interest PAC

Vendorville: ActBlue • NGPVAN • BallotReady

Ash Sharma: ActBlue

Santiago Orosco Aviles: ActBlue

Kalan Foster: BallotReady

2:15pm-2:55pm PT    

Panel 8: Surprise Swing States

No state is too red or too blue. We can and should organize everywhere, and every state has key elections that Democrats need to win. From traditionally red to deep blue states, we can win everywhere.

Lauren Harper: Founder,Welcome PAC, Head of Coordinated Campaigns for TX Democrats/Moderator

Rep. Gabe Vasquez: Congressman from NM

Elena Martinez-Vivot: Organizing Director/CO Democratic Party

Madison Horn: Former U.S. Senate Nominee, Founder & CEO RoseRock Advisory Group

George T. Whitesides: Democratic Candidate for CA-27, Former NASA Chief of Staff under President Obama

Vendorville: CiviTech • Catalist • Impactive

Jeremy Smith: Civitech

Hillary Anderson: Catalist

Naseem Mikiya: Impactive



2:55pm-3:00pm PT    


3:00pm-3:40pm PT    

Runway to 2024 + Happy Hour Kickoff



3:45pm-4:30pm PT    

Workshop 2: Secrets of Successful Organizing   VIDEO 

Come hear from organizers around the country to get tips and build a plan to reach out and register new Democrats across the country.

Sarah Jakle: Founder and Executive Director, DemocraShe/Moderator
Wayne Liebman: Founder SoCal Blue & Blue Voter Guide, FT6 Roundtable

Ny Whitaker: Founder, New York for Biden-Harris

Jess Craven: Chop Wood, Carry Water

Malcolm KenyattaHouse Representative, Pennsylvania

Simona Grace: Founder of Moms in Office


Workshop 3: Fundraising w Grassroots Analytics, ActBlue, and OTP

Work with experts from ActBlue and Grassroots Analytics to help your organization build a fundraising plan in 2023 and 2024


Jason Berlin: Founder, Field Team 6/Moderator

Cory AlpertField Team 6, Chief Strategist/Moderator

Santiago Orosco Aviles: Outreach Associate, ActBlue

Jessie Koch: Fundraising Strategist, Grassroots Analytics

Angel Treinen: Leader, Onward Toward Progress
Trisa Chakraborty: Fundraising Strategist, Grassroots Analytics
Katiana Person: Account Manager, Grassroots Analytics
Ash Sharma: Outreach Associate, ActBlue


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