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Hello Jason!


It was my absolute pleasure to join you during the textbank for the Chicago mayoral race. Field Team 6 is doing phenomenal work across the country and we were fortunate to partner with you and have your support for this pivotal election. We are overjoyed that the pro-public school education and pro-safety candidate,


Brandon Johnson, was elected to be the 60th Mayor of Chicago. My fellow voters choose hope over fear.The race was so incredibly close that I know those 33k+ texts (plus email follow-up!) made a big difference and I want to send heartfelt gratitude to you, Deb, Meredith and the team.


It has been a tumultuous 6+ years but the ongoing collaboration with Field Team 6 demonstrates the power of the people to overcome challenges to our freedoms and democracy. Special shout out to Deb who joined us for many months early on Saturdays to promote voter registration!


Can't wait to work together again soon! Here we come 2024 for more wins!!


Rose Colacino

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