Training Materials

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Download the Maine Field Guide HERE. (Coming soon!)

OVERVIEW: If we want to win the Battle of 2020, we absolutely must win in Maine.

It is a Triple Word Score State, in play for the House, the Senate, and the White House.

  • There is one vulnerable Democratic House seat that we must hold: ME-02 (Jared Golden-D).

  • There is one Senate seat that we must flip Democratic if we want to flip the Senate. It currently belongs to Susan Collins (R).

  • In 2016, Trump won only 1 of Maine’s 4 electoral votes, by winning ME-02 by 10 points. In 2020 we’d like to deny him that vote.

To win these battles, we need to add Democrats to ME-02, and all of Maine. This is a job for Field Team 6!


ME Targets:

ME-02 - HOLD this district to protect the vulnerable Jared Golden (D). Download the district Brief HERE. (COMING SOON!)

THE REST OF MAINE - Every Democrat registered in the state is a victory, since they can vote to swing Maine for the White House and the Senate. Download the state Brief HERE.


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