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Download the Arizona Field Guide HERE.

OVERVIEW: If we want to win the Battle of 2020, we absolutely must win in Arizona.

It is a Triple Word Score State, in play for the House, the Senate, and the White House.

  • There are two vulnerable Democratic House seats that we must hold: AZ-01 (Tom O’Halleran-D) and AZ-02 (Ann Kirkpatrick-D).

  • There is one Senate seat that we must flip Democratic if we want to flip the Senate. (It currently belongs to Martha McSally (R), who was appointed to that seat after losing to Kyrsten Sinema (D) in 2018.)

  • In 2016, Trump won Arizona by only 3.5 points, putting AZ in play for the presidency.

To win these battles, we need to add Democrats to AZ-01, AZ-02, and all of Arizona. This is a job for Field Team 6!


AZ Targets:

AZ-01 - HOLD this district to protect the vulnerable Tom O’Halleran (D). Download the district Brief HERE. (COMING SOON!)

AZ-02 - HOLD this district we just flipped for Ann Kirkpatrick (D). Download the district Brief HERE. (COMING SOON!)

THE REST OF ARIZONA - Every Democrat registered in the state is golden, since they can vote to swing AZ for the White House and the Senate. Download the state Brief HERE.


The Form

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