The Plan

The Problem

America is under attack by its own president, who proudly sides with the three forces that sought to end us: the Confederacy, the Nazis, and Russia. And the Republican Party has become Trump’s political hit man. But as everything else gets murky, two things remain clear. One: they must be stopped. And two: we must stop them.

To do that, we need to take back the White House, flip the Senate, grow our House majority, and win the state legislatures who can roll back gerrymandering in 2020.

But how?

The Solution

The solution is as simple as it is powerful: talking to strangers. Decades of studies tell us that face-to-face voter interaction is the #1 way to win elections. A morning of actually doing it and you understand why.

Here’s what we do, oversimplified: we take our voter registration clipboards somewhere with good foot traffic, and ask everyone who passes if we can register them as a Democrat.

Most people just ignore you and walk by, of course. But when you eventually register an old man who’s just become a citizen, and he tears up and thanks you for being out there… you’ve not only changed his life — he's changed yours too. And now you’re on a mission to find the next one…

The Strategy

To win in 2020, we need to register Democrats exclusively in the districts and states where they will make the most impact. If a district is safely Democratic, we need to go elsewhere. Our job is to find and register Democrats in places where there are too many Republicans! It’s a search-and-rescue mission behind enemy lines.

To find our targets, we created 3 maps - one for the presidential swing states, one for the Senate swing states, and one for the swing House districts. Our highest priority battlegrounds are the places where every Democrat you register will be voting to swing all three - the TRIPLE WORD SCORE areas. Just below them are the states where two types of race overlap… and the lowest priority (but still crucial) battlegrounds are now the places where voters could swing a House district.

Soon we’ll release our Targeting Wizard - and you’ll be able to type in your zip code, and instantly get a list of high-priority targets near you where registering Democrats can have a huge impact on elections.

With this targeted strategy and deeply human approach, we have the tools we need to win this, the greatest battle of our lives. All we need now… is YOU.

(Need more juicy details? Find them in our Top Secret STRATEGY DOSSIER.)

The Path Forward

1) Fundraising! Our first online fundraiser is LIVE now - our goal is $10,000 by April 15. This crucial seed money will ensure we survive takeoff. You can donate HERE. If you’d like to throw a fundraising party, concert, comedy night, talent show, or bake sale, please contact us!

2) Registering voters! We’ve already started right here in Southern California. Join us at a drive! We will build out Field Team 6 chapters in our targeted states and districts across the country as soon as we make contact with willing volunteer heroes in each one of these places. If that could be you, contact us!

3) 50 Video Strategy! Each state has different voting laws - and every single state should have its own short, fun, down-and-dirty training video on how to register Democrats. Executive Director Jason Berlin’s 19 years as a TV writer/producer for every major network make him uniquely qualified to get this done, on time and under budget. Future fundraisers will cover the expense of one video at a time. If you’d like to help raise money for a specific state’s video, let us know!

4) Staffing up! If you are an accountant, an artist/graphic designer, a lawyer, a data person, someone who’s willing to text, or have another talent you can share, we can put you to use. Let us know here!

Thank You

We could not be more grateful to all our Resistance friends who have been a part of our efforts and to all those who are joining us now, from the new leaders to those who have put in a few hours to give a voice to the voiceless and reclaim society in the name of kindness and sanity. It’s the greatest honor of our lives to be in this fight alongside you. Onward!