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Voter registration - it’s too important to not try once. And too satisfying to not try again.

Find Voter Registration Drives, Trainings, and Field Team 6 Parties HERE.


Host a Drive

Invite your local Swing Left or Indivisible chapter, Democratic club, or just a couple friends to get out there and register some Democrats! This is the most important work we can do to defeat Trump and the GOP - and it’s also incredibly fun. We’ll give you all the training, support, and materials you need! Just click HERE, then click the “Host Event” button in the upper right corner!


Throw a Party

One of the few things more fun than registering voters! Parties are a great way to get the word out, sign people up for upcoming voter drives... even start your own Field Team 6 chapter! Whether you’re doing a low-key presentation to a grassroots group — throwing an activism-themed party — holding a bake sale — or staging a formal fundraiser, we’ve got all the materials you need to make it a success.